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COOKX goes for sustainability!

COOKX gaat voor duurzaamheid!

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We find it increasingly important to choose products that are sustainable. In this way we lend a helping hand to the planet, and we can enjoy beautiful products for a long time to come. The first step to a responsible product starts with the material, and at COOKX we are very proud of our choice of materials: beautiful sustainable wood.

The sustainable benefits of wood

Tapas boards, etagères, kitchen accessories or presentation dishes: at COOKX we make our products from robust wood. Wood in itself is a fantastic raw material for processing due to its powerful and characterful properties, but wood also offers many other sustainable benefits. Wood is in itself a CO2-neutral product , which means that there are no net emissions during the production and extraction of wood. Trees convert CO2 into oxygen (as much as 900 kg per m3!) for years and have completed their beautiful job when they are processed into wooden products. In addition, this production process also uses much less energy than with plastic or steel, for example. Wood is therefore a good choice in any case, but COOKX goes one step further.

Responsible forest management? Yes please!

Anyone who really wants to choose sustainable, knows that wood is a good choice. Yet there is also a lot of difference between types of wood and how it is obtained. COOKX is committed to the best, ecological materials for people and the planet, and therefore chooses wood with a special quality mark that indicates that the forest is managed responsibly. Flora and fauna are preserved and the forests are not only protected, they are growing! Due to sustainable forest management , wood is therefore a renewable product and you can enjoy all the beauty that COOKX has to offer without worry.

What about recycling?

Extracting and processing wood is one thing, but what about the wood that is left over? To be completely environmentally friendly, we simply reuse the wood waste. We use the wood shavings to make ecologically sound briquettes that serve as an energy source for, for example, heating and driving our modern machines. This way nothing is lost and the wood is used respectfully and completely!

Enjoy for a long time

Wood is sustainable, and the certified wood we opt for at COOKX certainly does. In addition to this inherent property, our beautiful kitchen accessories are also timeless and of good quality, so you don't have to buy new things every time. Those low-quality products have a major impact on the environment, so we don't participate in that! Our shelves, bowls and accessories can of course be treated with a carefully composed kit of oils to enjoy food sharing with friends and family even longer.

Looking for a durable, high-quality kitchen accessory or a beautiful serving board? Discover our entire collection , made from responsible and high-quality wood. Do you have any questions? Then contact us here.

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