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5 Reasons why you should choose leather placemats

5 Redenen waarom je voor leren placemats moet kiezen

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Leather placemats are back. As a stylish table setting for elaborate dinners, or simply to put under your breakfast bowl in the morning: leather placemats are real all-rounders. COOKX lists all the advantages of leather placemats.

1. Protecting your table

Accidents are just around the corner, and the last thing you want is for your table to be damaged by moisture or grease. Fortunately, if you knock over a glass or spill the sauce, that is no problem with placemats. COOKX placemats have a transparent, water-repellent coating that is resistant to scratches and stains. Especially with small children it is useful to provide your dining table with an extra (stylish) protective layer.

2. Chic, timeless look
Functionality and style go hand in hand with placemats. They are really the finishing touch of any dining table, and provide a beautiful accent color during an evening dining. They help determine the impression of your interior and are a stylish replacement for a tablecloth. Stylish, and timeless.

3. Functional in use
So why would you choose placemats over a tablecloth? Placemats are much easier to wipe clean in the first place. A slightly damp cloth is enough to make your table completely clean again. Placemats are also quickly placed on the table and offer flexibility. A godsend for the hospitality industry, where stylish table decoration must also be combined with functional use. Did you know that our placemats are made of supple leather so that they are also very easy to store?

4. Sustainable products
Those who live consciously and want to enjoy a stylish table for a long time, choose leather placemats because of their sustainable character. Leather coasters hardly wear out and are easy to clean every time. This is in contrast to plastic placemats or variants that you throw away after once or twice. With a sustainable, conscious purchase you save money and enjoy the stylish comforts for much longer.

5. Suitable for outdoor
Last but not least: leather placemats are perfect for outdoor use. During a cozy barbecue in the summer, the first lunch in the spring or drinks evenings with friends and family, placemats are your best friend. They provide an attractive table setting and are resistant to stains, dirt and moisture. Ideal for an evening meal outside.

Leather placemats are a must-have for anyone who wants to dine in a cozy and stylish way, but doesn't feel like spending time cleaning up and removing stains.

Recognizable? View our collection of leather placemats , but also our matching cutlery bags and coasters that you can use for your dining table. They are available in 5 colors , so choose the color that fits your interior perfectly!

Interested in leather placemats for your business? Mail to and we will be happy to discuss your wishes.

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