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Black cutting board

Choose a black cutting board that can take something

You cannot do without a sturdy cutting board in the kitchen. A cutting board is needed to cut meat, vegetables and other food items. Not every kitchen worktop can withstand the sharp edges of a knife. If you have a good cutting board, you can safely cut on it and the board will look even more beautiful with cuts. This does not apply to all cutting boards, so choose your cutting board carefully. You don't want a cutting board that you have to replace after a few months. A Cookx cutting board is a high-quality cutting board that will last for years. If you opt for a black cutting board, you will be cutting in style from now on.

A cutting board in black made of sturdy wood

You can buy cutting boards in all kinds of materials these days. Still, a traditional wooden cutting board remains popular. Even though a wooden cutting board is lacquered in black, the wood structure gives a rustic and authentic look. This can be important if you leave the cutting board on the counter when not in use. A Cookx cutting board is made of oak and this is one of the strongest types of wood. With this we deliver absolute top quality and of course handmade and made in our own factory. You can choose from different shapes and sizes for a Cookx cutting board.

Buy a black cutting board from Cookx

You will not regret buying a black cutting plant from Cookx. We are a brand on the rise and we still work in an authentic way. As a family business, we still manage the production of our products entirely in-house. Wood has been central to our work for several generations and with the Cookx brand, the youngest generation is adding a new dimension to this. Choose a black cutting board of your choice in our webshop, such as round, as a tapas board, with a handle or without a handle. You will always find a cutting board that meets your needs in our webshop.

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