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Black serving board

Serve in style with a black serving board

It is always handy if you have a serving board at home. A serving board can be used multifunctionally. You can make a nice tapas board out of it for dinner and a cozy snack board or cheese board in the evening. This depends a bit on the size of your serving board. A cheese board is usually smaller than a full serving board. But a serving board can be ordered in different sizes. Whatever you use a serving board for, you want a stylish way of serving. This is possible with a serving board in a special style, such as a black serving board. You will not often find a black serving board, so your serving moment is all the more special.

A robust serving board in black oak wood

If you want to use a serving board in black for a long time, it is important to give quality weight to your choice. Therefore, purchase a Cookx serving board, then you have the certainty that the quality is good. Our serving boards are made of 100% solid oak wood. This is one of the best and most robust types of wood for a serving board. Oak has a dense structure and is therefore very strong in terms of quality. Because you choose a serving board in black, we coat the board in a black 2-component lacquer. The lacquer leaves the wood structure visible and also ensures that you never have to oil your serving board again. You not only have a beautiful serving board, but also a maintenance-friendly serving board.

Buy a black serving board from Cookx

If you want to buy a unique black serving board from Cookx, you choose a high-quality brand. With our own CNC machine park, we still have the production of all our products under our own management. Working with wood is in our blood and is our passion. Your serving board, in whatever size and color, is made by hand with the utmost care. This way we can offer you a high-quality serving board that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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