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Black wooden serving board

Serve with a striking black wooden serving board

Traditionally, a serving board is made of wood. Plastic is also sometimes used as a serving board, but nothing beats wood. A wooden serving board is just as easy to clean hygienically and of course a heavy quality wooden serving board is much nicer to look at than plastic. If you still have the idea that a wooden serving board should also be in classic wood colors, then you have not yet noticed the beautiful black wooden serving board from Cookx. A wooden serving board can be lacquered in the desired color. A black wooden serving board is a striking appearance and guarantees stylish serving of your snacks.

A wooden serving board in black is also of high quality

The wooden serving board in black from Cookx is of high quality, partly because it is made of 100% solid oak. Oak is one of the strongest types of wood. You can continue for years with our wooden serving board. To give the serving board a black color, we used a 2-component lacquer that we developed. This varnish prevents you from having to maintain the wood in the future, such as oils. How big should your wooden serving board be? You can decide for yourself, because we have all kinds of sizes, from small to very large. You can also choose from a specific shape, such as round, square or rectangular.

Buy a wooden serving board in black at Cookx

If you are looking for a black wooden serving board, you would do well to visit the Cookx webshop. Here it is possible to buy a wooden serving board in black, of very good quality. Moreover, with us you can be sure that your serving board has undergone a sustainable production process. We do not outsource our production to distant countries, your wooden serving board is a real Belgian production from our own factory and handmade.

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