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Cake tray on foot

Present your pastry on a beautiful cake plate on a foot

A party naturally includes cake or pastry. You are undoubtedly familiar with the problems when you have to cut a cake and you do not have a suitable surface for this. The best thing is of course if you can present the cake in its entirety to your visitors. If you can't do this, you will soon start cutting the cake in the kitchen and dividing it among the pastry dishes. But handing out various saucers is not a nice presentation of your cake and also far too much work. So opt for a beautiful presentation with a cake tray on foot. Especially if you have had a lot of work to make a beautiful cake yourself, then the cake deserves to be presented in this way.


Why choose an oak cake tray on foot?

You are making a good choice with a Cookx oak cake plate on a base. An oak cake tray will always attract attention. Not only is oak a robust and strong material, the color and structure of oak is warm and gives a cozy and chic atmosphere. Every cake, bought or made by yourself, always comes out well. Because this cake plate stands on a foot, it towers above everything and your cake gets even more prestige and attention. We paint our oak cake tray on foot with a special hygienic lacquer, so that it is easy to maintain.


Buy a cake plate on foot at Cookx

Would you also like to buy such a beautiful cake tray on foot? In future you will present your cakes and pastries in a spectacular way. We have a cake plate on foot in nature white and matte black. This way you always choose a cake tray that fits well with your interior. A Cookx cake plate on foot is also a responsible choice. Our production process may be authentic, but it is also made in a sustainable way. Order easily in our webshop, and we will ensure delivery within 1 to 3 working days.

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