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Serving board 120 cm

Where do you use a 120 cm serving board. in front of?

A serving board can be used for different purposes. Officially it is a shelf on which you put drinks, snacks or snacks, so that you can bring everything from the kitchen to the living room in one go. This saves walking up and down to the kitchen. Meanwhile, a serving board has gained more zoning options and other types of boards have appeared. Think of a serving board, cheese board or cutting board. A serving board of 120 cm. is a decent size and this does not make easy transport of food and drink any easier. This is not necessary, because such a serving board is mainly intended as an accessory on a table.

A 120cm. serving board offers many possibilities

Using a large serving board is a trend these days. Ee 120 cm. You place a serving board in the middle of a rectangular table and on it you can display snacks, snacks or other food items. Anyone can grab free from this. Transporting the serving board is possible, but then you may have to do this with two people. You cannot buy a serving board of these dimensions everywhere. You can contact Cookx for this. Our 120cm. We manufacture a serving board from solid oak wood, so that high quality is guaranteed. This allows you to use the serving board for all kinds of applications. The appearance of the oak will promote the warm and cozy atmosphere.

A serving board of 120 cm. buy from Cookx

It is not without reason that high quality is a matter of course with a Cookx serving board. Because of our passion for wood, we still make all our products by hand in our own factory. Only the milling of our wooden planks is done mechanically. The sanding and processing of the serving board is done manually and this traditional method is certainly reflected in the quality of the serving board. Do you want a serving board of 120 cm. to buy? Then visit our webshop, where you can choose from serving boards in many sizes and shapes.

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