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Round candle tray

Why do you choose a round candle tray?

A candle tray is a (wooden) shelf on which you place candles. These can be all kinds of candles, from pillar candles to tea lights. The advantage of a candle tray is that you can easily move the candles. Even when the candles are lit, it is much easier to move an entire candle tray without spilling than candle by candle. You can choose from candle trays in different shapes. A round candle tray is by far the most popular. This undoubtedly has to do with the round lines that usually also appear in the candles. In addition, a round candle tray radiates more cosiness than a sleek and square candle tray.

Opt for an oak candle tray around

If you are looking for a candle tray around, take a look at the candle trays from Cookx. We have a candle tray in various shapes, including round. The characteristic feature of our candle trays is that they are made of oak wood. This gives you a very robust candle tray, but also one that exudes a warm atmosphere. As a result, our oak candle tray fits closely to the candles, which always radiate cosiness and cosiness. We always coat our candle trays with a 2-component lacquer that we have developed ourselves. This makes the platform very easy to clean.

Buy a round candle tray from Cookx

Do round shapes suit you well in the interior and do you need a candle tray? Then you can buy a round candle tray in the Cookx webshop. Working with wood has been a passion in our family business for generations and the youngest generation is at the cradle of the Cookx products. We make our candle trays in an authentic way in our own factory, but with the latest innovation options. This enables us to produce as sustainably as possible and you also have a round candle tray that is made in a responsible manner. Would you like to know more about our round candle trays or other oak products? Please feel free to contact us.

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