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Presentation tray anthracite

A presentation tray made of anthracite is certainly a striking appearance

It is not for nothing that you spend so much time baking and decorating a cake or preparing tasty snacks. You would like to spoil your visit with all these goodies, so that they do not lack anything. But that beautiful cake and tasty snacks that you have made must also be beautifully presented. A cake on a plate or snacks in a bowl is not an inviting presentation. This is it with a beautiful wooden presentation tray. A presentation tray can look in different ways. Have you ever thought of a unique presentation tray in an anthracite color?

An anthracite presentation tray is the eye-catcher of your party

You don't just choose an anthracite presentation tray. Anthracite is a color between black and dark grey. This is a color that you will increasingly encounter in modern interiors. That is why an anthracite presentation tray also fits well in your modern interior. But even if you have a classic interior, an anthracite presentation tray will also fit in here. This is especially true for a Cookx presentation tray. Our presentation tray is made of oak wood. This type of wood fits any interior and is very stylish to look at. With the anthracite lacquer layer, classic oak suddenly becomes modern and your presentation plateau is the eye-catcher of your party.

Buy a presentation tray anthracite from Cookx

Do you have the idea to buy a presentation tray anthracite? You will not regret this, an anthracite model is unique. With a Cookx presentation tray, you get high quality at home. We know how to guarantee the high quality, because we keep the production in our own hands. All our products come from our factory in Pelt, where we have made your presentation tray by hand in an authentic way. In our webshop you can choose from various sizes and, in addition to anthracite, also from other colors.

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