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Presentation plateau wood

A beautiful presentation on a wooden plateau

How do you present your canapés, snacks, pastries or bread meal when you have friends or family over or throw a party? You can serve delicious snacks, but the way in which it is presented is very important. You dress up a party, for example with streamers or balloons. Your served snacks and snacks also deserve a nice decoration. The more beautifully your snacks are presented, the more festive it becomes and the tastier your snacks are eaten. But how do you present your snacks and snacks as beautifully as possible? This is possible with a presentation plateau made of wood. A wooden presentation plateau gives without a doubt the best result.

A wooden presentation plateau of solid oak

How beautiful your wooden presentation tray is, depends mainly on the type of wood used. Some types of wood are more popular than others. Every type of wood is of natural origin anyway and this already has its own appearance. With a certain type of wood, you opt for specific properties that stand out when presenting. If you purchase a wooden presentation tray from Cookx, it is made of oak. Oak wood certainly has specific characteristics, such as the color of the wood. The wood color is usually seen as warm and cosy. This is often what you want to radiate when presenting your food. That is why you always make a good choice with a Cookx presentation tray.

Buy a wooden presentation tray at Cookx

At Cookx we know how to present the best. This is possible with our beautiful oak presentation plateau, which comes directly from our factory in Pelt. We deliver high Belgian quality, because we produce your presentation tray authentically. Despite our authentic working method, in which much is done by hand, our production is ultra-modern and completely sustainable. We don't even have any wood waste anymore, because everything is recycled. You can buy our wooden presentation tray in the webshop, where you can choose from various sizes.

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