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Candle tray black round

Do you put a stylish candle tray in black and round in shape on the table?

Place a few candles or tea lights together on the table or on a cupboard and you immediately get an atmospheric environment. But placing or moving many candles together can be quite a chore. Make it easy for yourself by placing the candles on a candle tray. Do you want to put the candles on a cupboard or on a table? No problem with a candle tray. In addition, a beautiful candle tray gives your candles even more atmosphere. Even when the candles are extinguished, you can still enjoy the candles through the beautiful candle tray. Do you want a striking candle tray? Then choose a candle tray in black and round in shape.

Why did you choose a black candle tray and round in shape?

More and more people are choosing to include black as a detail color in the interior. As a detail color, black is not predominant, but your interior will still have a stylish and luxurious look. That is also a reason to opt for a black candle tray and round in shape. The round design is especially beautiful with a black candle tray. Because black is a hard color and round a soft shape, it combines well. When you put the candles on a black and round candle tray from Cookx, this will certainly create atmosphere. Our candle tray is made of solid oak wood and lacquered with a good black lacquer that still shows the oak structure well.

Buy a candle tray black and round from Cookx

The Cookx family business has been active in wood production for several generations. Cookx is an initiative of the youngest generation that has been taught the love for working with wood from an early age. Despite the fact that we produce our candle trays authentically, we do have a state-of-the-art production space. Our production is almost entirely sustainable and CO2-neutral. Do you want to buy a durable and high quality candle tray in black and round? Visit our website and choose the dimensions you want or contact us if you want to know more about our products.

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