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Candle tray square

A modern and sleek candle tray is square

Do you like to burn candles when it gets dark? Cheeselight is cozy and romantic when you sit on the couch with your partner. You also create coziness with candlelight when you have visitors. You do need a candle tray if you like to burn a lot of candles or put several candles together. A lot of candles together gives a lot of atmosphere, but it is difficult to put all those candles away. This is of course much easier on a candle tray. Of course, candles will leak. You don't want to damage your precious table or cupboard with candle wax, and a candle tray is also very handy. If you opt for a candle tray in the square, this will have a special appearance.

Why choose a square candle tray?

You usually have the choice of a round or a square candle tray. Round is very popular, but you may also need a square candle holder. A square candle tray consists of straight lines. Straight lines are usually the hallmark of a modern interior. That is why a square candle holder is very suitable if you like modern. But a square candle tray also fits in a classic interior. It could give a very nice and striking accent to the interior. In addition, a square candle tray from Cookx is made of oak, a type of wood that you encounter in almost all interior styles.

Buy a candle tray square from Cookx

Does a square candle tray also fit well in your interior? You can then buy a square candle tray at Cookx. Our candle trays are made of robust oak wood, so you can use it for a lifetime. We make our products in our own factory in Pelt, so you can expect high-quality Belgian quality. Choose a candle tray in natural oak or black lacquered, whichever you like best. Ordering is quick and easy in our webshop and we deliver your candle tray within 3 working days.

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