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Wooden pan coaster

Place your pans on an attractive wooden pan coaster

When you have cooked a delicious meal, nothing is more pleasant than sitting with family or friends around a table on which the steaming pans are. Everyone can scoop from the pan as needed. A pan that comes off the stove is obviously hot. You therefore never just place the pan on the table, because the heat can irreparably damage the table. Place your hot pans on a wooden pan coaster. A wooden pan coaster dresses up your table and gives the table more cosiness due to its appearance. In addition, your table is optimally protected against the heat with a wooden pan coaster.

Use high-quality wooden pan coasters for your pans

Wooden trivets do much more than protect your table. The pan coasters are already placed on the table when there are still no pans on it. That is why wooden pan coasters are part of the table decoration. Especially with guests, you want to pay a lot of attention to this and then nice-looking pan coasters should not be missing. Cookx wooden pan coasters are special in every way. Our wooden pan coasters are made of solid oak. This not only guarantees a safe surface for your hot pans, an oak pan coaster is very attractive. Moreover, with us you can choose from an oak pan coaster in natural color or black lacquered.

Cookx wooden coasters for pans

Cookx has now developed into a progressive and renowned brand for high-quality serving and kitchen aids. It is not for nothing that we choose the best wood available, namely oak. It is a beautiful wood to look at and to work with. Because we produce our products in our own factory, you get wooden coasters for pans of high Belgian quality. We make ordering very easy in our webshop, after which you can expect your coasters at home within 1 to 3 working days. Do you have any questions about our products or our services? Send us an e-mail or fill in the contact form and we will be happy to help you.

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