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Large bread board

You can do a lot with a large breadboard

Do you also enjoy cutting a baguette with cheese or butter in front of the television in the evening? Or do you have visitors and do you want to make a nice shelf with sandwiches, toasts and spreads for this? Then make it extra cozy with a large bread board on which you serve all this. A large breadboard is definitely recommended if you have a lot of people visiting and you all sit around a table. You then place the breadboard in the middle of the table, so that everyone can easily reach it. A large breadboard does not only have to serve for presenting your snacks. The bread board will be very functional in the kitchen, when cutting and spreading your bread.

With a large-sized breadboard from Cookx you have everything you need

A breadboard is used in almost every household. This already indicates that a breadboard is a frequently used kitchen accessory. It is therefore important that you purchase a bread board of very high quality. The breadboard will then last for years and with very good quality breadboards you will never have to buy another one. One such high-quality breadboard is that of Cookx. A Cookx breadboard in large format is made of solid oak and therefore very strong. You can cut any kind of bread on this and the oak also provides a beautiful look in your kitchen.

Buy a large breadboard from Cookx

Do you want the certainty of a good quality breadboard? Then you can buy a large bread board from Cookx. Our love and passion for wood is reflected in our products, including our breadboards. We make our products in-house in our factory in Pelt, in a sustainable way. Even our wood waste is almost completely recycled. Your breadboard receives an exclusive and authentic treatment by hand, making it unique and of high quality.

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