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Large wooden chopping block

A large wooden chopping block is indispensable in the kitchen

Cutting and chopping is part and parcel of the kitchen. A cleaver is especially necessary if you are preparing meat that still has bone on it. Of course you do not do this on the counter top. Most countertops are not sturdy enough for this. The countertops that can withstand this are too hard for a knife. This makes a knife dull too quickly. A large wooden chopping block is the solution. A difference with a cutting board is that a chopping block is much more robust. You can actually use a chopping knife, without your chopping block suffering too much. In fact, a good quality wooden chopping block will last for years.

A large-sized wooden chopping block is an asset to the kitchen

A large wooden chopping block is not only functional. Such a chopping block often remains on the counter top and is therefore also an attractive accessory for your kitchen. This is especially the case with a wooden chopping block from Cookx. Our chopping block consists of 100% solid oak wood. This is an extremely strong type of wood, with a robust appearance and the wood is virtually indestructible. The wood is strong enough to handle your cleaver, but not so hard that your knives will dull quickly. We have milled two notches in the sides, so that you can easily move the chopping block.

Buy a large wooden chopping block at Cookx

Do you want to buy a large wooden chopping block? Then visit the Cookx webshop. As a family business, the passion for wood has been in our blood for generations. Your wooden chopping block is therefore made in-house in our factory in Pelt. We still do this in an authentic way and as much as possible by hand. Your robust wooden chopping block is of real Belgian quality and you will notice this immediately by the high quality. We have treated the chopping block with our own developed oil, so that maintenance is even easier.

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