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Drinking board anthracite

Choose a modern cocktail plan in anthracite

You probably know it when you throw a party at home: you fill your table with snacks, snacks and drinks. It is then difficult for someone on the other side of the table to get to the desired snacks. That is why it is wise to use one or perhaps more serving boards. This is where you place your snacks and snacks. The serving board can easily be passed or passed on to the next person, so that everyone has a turn. Of course you also want to look stylish with your serving board. So not only stylish snacks, but also a serving board in anthracite color, looks luxurious.

Why choose an anthracite serving board?

Anthracite is a color that is in between black and gray. If you find black just a little too dark and gray too boring, anthracite is a good alternative. Both black and anthracite are trendy fashion colors these days, which are mainly used for detailing in the interior. That is precisely why an anthracite serving board will do well at your party, but also as an accessory on your kitchen worktop when it is not in use. If you purchase a Cookx anthracite serving board, it is made of solid oak. This gives you a very strong serving board that will last for years. Partly due to the anthracite 2-component paint that we use, you never have to maintain the serving board.

You can buy a serving board in anthracite at Cookx

A Cookx serving board is always a unique serving board. We have the production of our mostly solid wooden products under our own management. Every serving board has gone through our hands, so we can guarantee you a high quality. In addition, you can buy a serving board in anthracite directly from us. To do this, visit our webshop, where you can choose from various sizes and colours, including anthracite. Do you have questions about our serving boards? Please feel free to contact us via email or the online contact form. We will answer your email within 24 hours.

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