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Drinking board 110 cm

With a unique serving board of 110 cm. can the party begin

The term borrelplank comes from a cozy gathering in which a drink is often drunk. The Friday afternoon drink is well-known at many companies. To end the week and start the weekend, some snacks and snacks are enjoyed while enjoying a drink. These snacks are of course presented on a serving board. The serving board, just like the cheese board, has become completely commonplace, also for the home. If you want to do it just a little differently, you can use a large serving board of 110 cm. purchase. This will certainly get you the attention you need.

The beautiful and strong 110 cm. serving board from Cookx

With a 110cm. you want to make an impression of course. Of course you already do this with the size, because a serving board of 110 cm. you don't come across every day. But the appearance of the serving board is completely determined by the material used. A wooden serving board always works well, because this is natural and authentic material. With a 110cm. Cookx serving board, you have a serving board made of solid oak. This serving board is completely unique because of the wood drawing, the knots and beautiful warm color. Because oak is a very strong wood, you will enjoy your serving board for a lifetime.

A serving board of 110 cm. buy at Cookx

If you want a unique and strong 110 cm serving board. If you want to buy, visit the Cookx webshop. All our serving boards that you will find here come directly from our own factory in Pelt, Belgium. Here your serving board is handmade from oak wood. With this we guarantee you a high quality. We coat the serving board with a 2-component lacquer that we have developed. As a result, you no longer have to maintain the serving board, cleaning is sufficient. Of course you can also choose in which color you want the serving board with your order.

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