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book stand

A book stand in the kitchen is functional and beautiful

Do you love to cook? Then you will undoubtedly look up recipes on the internet, in cookbooks and in cookbooks. You may want to try any recipe that is of interest. But then you will also know the problem of using a cookbook in the kitchen or perhaps loose papers with recipes that you have printed out. They get dirty while cooking, or a cookbook gets in the way. A book standard puts an end to that. Place a book stand in a permanent place on your counter and you can use your cookbooks without it getting damaged or dirty.

Order a book stand with a luxurious look

There are of course numerous types of book stands for sale and the quality varies greatly. Do you want a very high quality book stand that is not only functional, but also an asset to your kitchen? Then you must order a book stand from Cookx. Our book stand is made of 100% oak wood and is also sustainably produced. We have designed the book stand in an ingenious way, namely in two parts that can be pushed together. We also take into account that you may not want to leave the book stand. The design makes it easy to store the book stand. If you leave the book stand on the counter or on a cupboard, it is a real eye-catcher.

Buy a book stand at Cookx

Would you like to buy the high quality book stand from Cookx? Then this can be done directly in our webshop. You then order a book stand that comes directly from our workshop. Every part here is made by hand, so we pay a lot of attention to your book stand. You can choose from a book stand in a natural wood color or in a black color. So there is always a book stand that matches your interior. The book stand doesn't just have to be used for cookbooks in the kitchen. With an open book on the stand, you have a beautiful home accessory.

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