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BBQ board

Safely place meat on a BBQ shelf

As soon as the first days of spring come again, many people are quick to get their barbecue out again. Barbecuing is extremely popular. This is mainly due to the pleasant gathering with friends, family or neighbors. Eating together is still the best method to create coziness. You can bake delicious pieces of meat while barbecuing, but where do you put the meat when it's ready? A BBQ shelf is the solution for this. On a good BBQ board you can cut any piece of meat correctly, without having to go to the kitchen. The BBQ shelf also serves as a nice presentation shelf to present your meat.

Order a BBQ shelf before the summer season starts again

Products that you can use while barbecuing are always sold out quickly as soon as the BBQ season starts. It is therefore a good idea to order a BBQ board before the summer season starts. A BBQ board must be of high quality. Sometimes large pieces of meat are placed on the BBQ and it has to be cut with large knives. Ordering a BBQ board from Cookx is then a good choice. Our BBQ shelf is made of solid oak wood and fits completely in the style of 'eating outside'. An oak BBQ board is also beautiful to look at, so you always present your BBQ meat in a stylish way.

Buying a BBQ shelf from Cookx

Do you want to buy a BBQ shelf for the coming BBQ season? Then visit the Cookx webshop. Here you always order a BBQ board of the highest quality. Our BBQ boards are made in our own factory and our production process is fully sustainable. Because we do not outsource our production, you get a BBQ board of real Belgian origin and that is made by hand in a traditional way. You can also choose from various sizes and shapes.

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