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Living inspiration: 10 Black Beauty's for more fun

Wooninspiratie: 10 Black Beauty’s voor meer gezelligheid

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Do you have a modern kitchen, a stylish interior or do you just like black interior items? Then you will undoubtedly like to read on, because in this blog post we give tips & tricks to fill your interior with the Black Beauty's from Cookx . 

Black is sleek and modern 

Do you sometimes have doubts about the wide range of colored interior accessories? Are you absolutely not sure which color suits your interior best? Don't make it so difficult for yourself and go for black. You can never go wrong with black. Some people are afraid that it brings a dark and gloomy look, but the color goes with everything and it gives your interior that extra touch of elegance that you are looking for. 

Black kitchen accessories go with everything

Not only do black interior items provide an elegant and stylish look, they also simply go with everything. For example, our matt black, oak book stand from Cookx fits perfectly in a classic kitchen, but you can also place it in a modern living room next to the living room. Just like the matt black, oak bookend from Cookx , it doesn't matter where you display the interior item, because everywhere it brings that warm and natural look with it. 

Let interior items work together by combining them

In modern kitchens we notice more and more that the combination of different black kitchen accessories creates a unique effect. For example, our black bookend , our matt black turntable and our black lacquered kitchen roll holder are often placed together on the kitchen counter. As a result, the interior items come into their own and the combination of the various black kitchen accessories gives the kitchen a trendy look in a modern setting. 

The perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics

The color black is timeless and black kitchen accessories are a great way to make a subtle statement in your kitchen. But what gives you even more satisfaction are interior items that look aesthetically pleasing and are super handy at the same time. Think, for example, of our matt black, oak serving tray that exists to present snacks, but also finishes your interior as a decorative object. The same applies to our oak serving tray : a robust, yet sleek serving tray made of solid oak that can be used as a serving board and at the same time is a unique eye-catcher in your kitchen. 

Then finish the interior of your kitchen with matte black (straight) coasters or our round Cookx coasters that you place bare on the counter. Like our black salt and pepper mill set , the black Cookx coasters have a minimalist design with a beautiful continuous wood structure that adds elegance to your kitchen and is also functional kitchen accessories. 

Limited Edition Black Beauty 

The last Black Beauty we like to put in the spotlight is limited edition, so it's gone! We created a set of three solid wood candlesticks for more atmosphere at home. Our matte black Cookx candlesticks are made of 100% solid beech wood and you can see it. 

The black set is a beautiful eye-catcher that reflects quality. You don't necessarily have to put the candlesticks in your kitchen, because they also provide extra cosiness in your living room, bathroom or bedroom. Our wooden candlesticks are also a unique gift to enliven someone else's interior. 

Shop our Black Beauty's here:

  1. Bookend X-shaped landscape - Matte black
  2. Bookend Standing - Matte Black
  3. Turntables S, M, L or XL - Matt black
  4. Kitchen roll holder - Matte black
  5. Tapas Boards S, M, L or XL - Matte Black
  6. Salt and pepper set - Matte black
  7. Glass Coasters - Matt black
  8. Oak platter - Matt black
  9. Oak serving platter - Matt black
  10. Oak candlesticks (set) - Matt black

Are you looking for black, trendy interior items to fill the empty spaces in your home? Shop our Black Beauty's here .

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