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Unique at COOKX: FoodCare oil

Uniek bij COOKX: FoodCare olie

Denise Heesakker |

For our oak products* we always use a special FoodCare oil for the finish. This oil has been specially developed for wooden products that come into direct contact with food. As a result, it is extremely suitable for our wooden objects that are used in kitchens and come into contact with food.

But what is so special about this oil?

FoodCare Oil consists of more than 99% renewable raw materials and does not contain any drying substances or animal components. The oil is a solvent-free plant oil with a neutral odor, clear natural color and good light resistance. The dry surface is dirt and water repellent and has good chemical and mechanical resistance. Its good accentuation emphasizes the exclusive color depth and flames of the wood. In short, a perfect finish for COOKX. You can order your product here.

Looking for a durable, high-quality kitchen accessory or a beautiful serving board? Discover our entire collection , made of responsible and high-quality wood. Do you have any questions? Then contact us here.

*NOTE: the foodcare oil does not apply to our oak turntables, these are treated with 2-component lacquer so that the oil is not absorbed into the oak wood!

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