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Want to buy oak cutting block? The pros and cons at a glance!

Eiken snijblok kopen? De voor- en nadelen op een rijtje!

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There are hundreds of types of cutting blocks. Why would you choose an oak cutting board? At COOKX we would like to list the advantages and disadvantages for you.


  • Wood doesn't dull your knives: your knife will stay sharp the longest with a wooden cutting board. If you are often in the kitchen and regularly cut your vegetables or other ingredients, you do not want your knife to become blunt quickly. With an oak plank, you don't have to worry about that. The cutting edge of knives is not easily damaged, so an oak cutting board or butcher block is ideal for hobby chefs with professional cutting equipment. Of course, an oak cutting block is also perfect if you don't have a professional knife set. This way your knives will last a little longer.
  • Meanwhile a buzzword, but oak is very durable . The lifespan of the wood is high, and if you maintain your cutting board well, it can last for years. Sand your plank once in a while and treat the wood with oil, then you always have a plank that is as good as new. An oak cutting board is a good purchase for years of enjoyment.

  • Wood naturally possesses antibacterial properties . A cutting board must of course be clean if you want to cut fresh products on it, and an oak butcher block helps you with that. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, you can easily maintain good kitchen hygiene, and you can be sure that your fresh ingredients are clean and tasty.

  • With an oak cutting board from COOKX you always have more than enough space to cut. There is nothing more annoying than not having enough space on your cutting board, and having to grab another bowl to put your cut ingredients in. Opt for a spacious, pleasant layout with a large oak plank.

  • Oak is a natural product that radiates atmosphere like no other. With cutting boards, serving dishes or tapas boards in oak, you immediately create a natural, warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Light oak is ideal for a rural touch, our products with a black finish are ideal for a modern yet cozy interior.

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Whoever says A must also say B. There are a number of things to keep in mind when buying an oak cutting board. For example, consider the following:

  • Oak is naturally a rough and robust type of wood . Your cutting board then contains grooves, for example, and can have a quirky pattern. More refined types of wood are, for example, beech or bamboo. Would you like a slightly softer look of the oak plank? Then you can always sand it down. This gives the plank a less robust appearance.

  • If you want to keep your oak plank beautiful, some maintenance is required. Don't let it get too damp, because moisture can soak into the oak. After use, it is best to lubricate the board with oil every now and then . We recommend doing this at least once a month.

  • A second way to properly maintain your plank is to sand it regularly . Due to the many cuttings, food residues or herbs can sometimes remain in the wood. This causes color differences and less hygiene. You can easily solve this by sanding the board occasionally with fine sandpaper.


Convinced of oak? We also. View our collection of oak cutting boards and butcher blocks here. To ask? Send an email to or fill in the contact form on our webshop. You will always have an answer within 2.5 hours.

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