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Oak wood: the story we have been telling for generations

Eikenhout: het verhaal dat we al generaties lang vertellen

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When you think of COOKX, you think of oak. And that's not easy. Our passion for high-quality, beautiful oak wood goes back a long way. Because with good materials, you also have to make good products.

Oak wood specialist

Where does the story of our love for wood begin?

More than 35 years ago, our grandfather started a timber company in the Netherlands. Full of dedication and passion for wood.

Our grandfather started wood production as a supplier to the furniture industry . So you can say that at COOKX we are somewhat the product of generations-long expertise in wood. We are happy to continue that tradition and the craftsmanship of our grandfather.

We also inherited the love for wood . For three generations we have been especially in love with the smell of wood. The wood factory, which has had a branch in Belgium since 2009 (just across the border near Eindhoven) is really a home for us. In the past, we often came to see our grandparents' production, and later our parents took over the business. So we literally grew up between the oak beams that are processed, yet beautiful products. Now we, Jeroen and Denise, are continuing that.

Brother-sister duo COOKX Denise and Jeroen Heesakker

We pick out the most beautiful pieces of wood every day. We do this carefully, and we use it to make a beautiful natural product that tells a unique story. In this way you ultimately get the best quality.

✔ We produce completely locally and with love for the products . Our small team is completely attuned to each other and works every day with great enthusiasm and love for the profession.

Our team can count on the expertise of professional woodworkers . They have been masters of their field for many years and know exactly how to get the best result from a beautiful piece of oak.

Beautiful oak products prefer to last as long as possible. We always maintain control over the quality of the products. We focus on products that have a long and sustainable life ahead of them. Why? Each item is special and has a different structure, and are therefore by definition irreplaceable. We also like it when our customers can enjoy the oak products from COOKX for a long time.

✔ It used to be a little different, but today we use modern CNC machines. This way we have an ecological production with little to no residual material. We use materials from nature, so we also like to give something back by working as sustainably and ecologically as possible.

Oak Wood-Ecological-Residual Material

Who is COOKX?

You can simply buy professional products from high-quality oak from a local family business such as COOKX. COOKX: that's Jeroen and Denise . Brother and sister, and also an inseparable entrepreneurial duo. Together we design, produce and distribute our products throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, but we never lose our local, family mindset.

Jeroen is manager of ALMO Woodproducts, a professional furniture company where COOKX products are now also manufactured. He combines his knowledge and expertise in producing oak turntables, tapas boards and kitchen accessories. Denise is the driving force behind the marketing and the website. She is the creative centipede behind the COOKX brand, and ensures that you can admire and order the products on the online webshop. A well-oiled machine with a passion for the profession.

COOKX-Team Photo-Local-Production

Cozy dining as a basis for our company

ALMO Woodproducts, Jeroen's business, mainly focuses on large furniture such as tables and cabinets. Every now and then beautiful pieces of wood remain, of high quality. Not big enough for a new table, but perfect for making a nice tapas board, for example. We love good food in our family, and enjoy evenings with friends and family.

Tasty snacks cannot be missed there, in our opinion, so we decided to use the beautiful oak planks to make dinners and cozy evenings even more pleasant. By manufacturing accessible turntables, designing robust butcher blocks and making the most useful kitchen accessories. In this way we combine two worlds: our love for cozy food and our love for wood. Moreover, ALMO's 'residual wood' is also used for a unique and authentic product.

Oak wood is therefore a story that we have been telling for generations. Coming up with good designs and processing high-quality materials into beautiful products has been in the family for years. Jeroen and Denise continue that tradition with COOKX. Curious about our products? View our range of kitchen tools, butcher blocks, serving boards and turntables here.

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