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Brother-sister duo

Producer Jeroen and marketer Denise. Meanwhile, third generation wood producers in our family.

Specialized family business in the Benelux

From an early age we have been in love with wood as a unique natural product. Not surprising, knowing that both our parents and our grandparents are permanently active in wood production. It is now up to us to build on their expertise. That is why we launched COOKX in 2020 as a unique product line of sustainable kitchen accessories.

Third generation wood producers

Meanwhile, we are one of the last remaining specialized wood production companies in the Benelux. Moreover, we have grown up to be the proud inspirers of a company with its roots in wood. We are very proud to save the residual wood from waste, so that we can then use it for sustainable production.

Environmentally Responsible Business

Environmental friendliness is central to Cookx. That is why we simply reuse all our wood waste. We transform the wood shavings from production into ecologically responsible briquettes. These serve as a source of energy for, among other things, the heating and the drive of our modern machines. This way nothing is lost and the wood is used respectfully and completely, with all due respect for the environment!

Our business focus

  • Making unique products

    All COOKX items are developed and invented in-house. We strive for a quality product with a sleek, minimalist design. As a result, all products match each other.

  • Sustainable production

    We try to keep sustainability #1 in mind in all aspects of our business. Residual wood is reused, residual cardboard becomes filling material and the factory runs on green power supplies.

  • Responsible packaging

    The box of our products is also the shipping box. As a result, we do not use double packaging . Less fancy, but very practical! We also use cardboard waste to refill our boxes. We do this with our cardboard shredder.

A unique product and concept in the Benelux

We take care of everything under 1 roof. The products are designed, tested and developed by our own team. We manage everything ourselves and the products you buy from COOKX are produced and shipped by Jeroen and Denise.

The COOKX vision

Our goal? Putting high-quality products on the market that will last a lifetime. And let people fully enjoy the experience of cooking and serving delicious food! Because happiness is in the little things.

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