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Cake tray black

A cake plate in black for a striking presentation

Have you put a lot of effort and time into making a beautiful cake? Then of course you also want to receive the necessary compliments from those to whom you are going to serve the cake. Perhaps for a special occasion, such as a wedding? It is then important that you present your cake(s) in a beautiful way. There's only one way to do this and that's on a pie platter. Your cake stands higher on a cake tray and this makes it a stylish way of presenting. With a cake plate in black, you ensure a striking presentation.

Why choose a black cake plate?

Your cake can already look very spectacular. It detracts from the cake to serve it on a simple and meaningless plate. A black cake plate in particular contributes to the wow effect for your guests. Do you have a relatively simple, unadorned cake? Then a black cake tray is needed to give your cake a better look. A black cake tray may also be necessary, because you have a cake in a certain theme, such as black and white. The cake plate then seamlessly fits in with your theme. You see, the cake and the cake tray are inextricably linked and lift each other to a higher level.

Buy a cake plate in black from Cookx

Now there are many types of cake trays for sale, but if you want to buy a high quality cake tray in black, then you make the best choice for a Cookx cake tray. The quality of our cake tray is also so high, because it is made of solid oak. This type of wood contributes to a large extent to the beautiful appearance. With the black maintenance-friendly and safe lacquer that we use, your cake tray and cake will certainly become an eye-catcher. You can buy our cake tray in black in our webshop. Here you can choose from different models.

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