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Cake tray wood

A wooden cake tray can be used for any cake

A party, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, also includes cake. Whether you have baked your cake yourself or whether you have bought a cake, a beautiful presentation is of course necessary. This only makes people more eager to try the cake. It goes without saying that you cannot serve a cake on a plate. As beautiful as the plate is, it adds nothing to the cake. A pie plate does this. The characteristic of a cake platform and the name says it all, your cake is on a raised platform. Your cake will look best on a wooden cake tray.

A wooden cake plate brings fun and atmosphere

All wood products have an important similarity: they bring warmth, atmosphere and cosiness. This is no different with a wooden cake plate. This is due to the appearance of wood. Wood is a natural material, often with a beautiful wood structure. This is attractive to see. Of course, this can depend on the type of wood used. If you choose a wooden cake plate from Cookx, it is made of oak. Oak wood is one of the most popular types of wood. The wood is very strong and looks nice. The color of oak radiates warmth. This also transfers to you if you use a wooden pie plate. Fun and cake is always a good combination.

Buy a wooden cake tray at Cookx

Would you like to buy a wooden cake tray for your cakes? A Cookx cake plate made of wood is of good quality, because we still make it in an authentic way. The wood is milled into the right shape, after which the cake plate is sanded and oiled by hand. This way you get an authentic wooden cake plate from Belgian soil. Order the desired size and color in our webshop and soon enjoy the many compliments you receive when serving your cake.

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