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Cake tray rotatable

Make preparing a cake easier with a rotatable cake tray

If you like to bake cakes, you will undoubtedly spend a lot of time dressing and making your cakes. For example, if you use fondant or marzipan as a cake covering, this is quite an art to apply. A cake plate that can be rotated is the solution for this. You don't have to interrupt your work to turn the cake the other way around. Simply turn the rotating cake tray and you can beautifully decorate your cake. In addition, you can also safely use a rotatable cake tray for the presentation of your cake. While slicing and scooping the pie slices, a rotatable pie plate will only come in handy.

A high quality rotatable cake tray

A rotatable cake plate means that it is movable. Movable parts, on any products, are at risk of wearing out quickly. Therefore choose a high-quality revolving cake plate from Cookx. Our revolving cake plate is always of the highest quality. Firstly, we use 100% solid oak wood for the plateau itself. The plateau stands on an oak foot, which is in a heavy quality turning mechanism. When using the cake plate, you will also experience the heavy and stable quality. Of course, our revolving cake tray, partly due to the use of oak, is very attractive to look at.

Buy a rotatable cake tray at Cookx

Would you like to decorate your cakes even better in the future? Then you need a rotatable cake plate. You buy a revolving cake plate from Cookx for life. Working with wood is our passion and that is why we have the entire production under our own management. We make your revolving cake tray authentic by hand, to guarantee the high quality. We have a revolving cake plate in different sizes, from size S to size XL. Buying a rotatable cake tray is very easy in our webshop, so that you can quickly decorate or serve your first cake.

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