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Cutting board anthracite

Make cutting food fun with a cutting board in anthracite color

A cutting board can be found in almost every household. This is necessary because a cutting board protects the surface of the kitchen worktop. If you cut your meat and vegetables directly on the worktop, scratches will soon be visible. This is unfortunate for the appearance of your kitchen and the worktop becomes less hygienic as a result. After all, bacteria can settle in the damage. Therefore, always use a good cutting board. A cutting board should be softer than the blade to avoid dulling the blade. You will then automatically end up with a wooden cutting board. With a wooden cutting board in anthracite color, you have a very special item.

Unlimited cutting with an anthracite cutting board from Cookx

If you opt for the high quality of a Cookx cutting board, you can go for years. A cutting board suffers quite a bit. If you cook a lot, a cutting board will come into contact with the sharp edges of a knife on a daily basis. High quality is therefore a must for cutting boards. With the anthracite cutting board from Cookx, you don't have to worry about the quality. The cutting board is made of oak wood. This is a strong type of wood, with which you can safely cut your products and which is sufficiently soft for your knives. We coat the anthracite cutting board with our own developed 2-component lacquer.

Buy a cutting board in anthracite at Cookx

You can buy your cutting board in anthracite directly in the Cookx webshop. We do not outsource anything, so we do the production of your cutting board entirely ourselves. We have our own factory for this, where we craft our wooden products by hand and in a sustainable way. We recycle as much as possible, including our wood waste. After an order, we do our best to have your cutting board delivered to your home within 2 to 3 working days.

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