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Professional wooden cutting board

Cut anything you want on a professional wooden cutting board

Bread, meat and vegetables are the products that are most commonly used and cut in the kitchen. For the cutting work, a lot of attention is usually paid to which knives you use and how sharp your knives are. However, the surface on which you cut your products is also of great importance. The surface must be firm enough, so that you can easily cut your products, but also not rock hard. This will dull your knives faster than with a softer surface. A professional wooden cutting board is perfect to use for all your carving and will not dull your knives.

A high quality wooden cutting board for professional use

There are quite a few differences in the various types of cutting boards that you can purchase. These are mainly differences in quality. This depends, among other things, on the material used and the thickness of the material. Partly because plastic is strong, a thick cutting board is not necessary. On the other hand, plastic is not easy to maintain and bacteria remain behind in damage in the plank. Using a wooden cutting board professionally is the best option for cutting your ingredients. Wood is generally robust, of a thick quality and can be maintained well by applying an oil. This completely applies to a wooden cutting board for professional use from Cookx.

Buy a professional wooden cutting board from Cookx

Do you want to buy a professional wooden cutting board? Then you're in the right place with a Cookx cutting board. We make our cutting boards from solid oak. The quality is good, because oak is one of the strongest types of wood. In addition, working with wood is a passion for us. We mill the wood for your cutting board with professional machines and sand and oil it by hand. You always get a unique cutting board. In our webshop you can choose from different sizes of cutting boards, from S to XL.



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