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Extra large serving board

Serve your snacks on an extra large serving board

If you are throwing a party or having visitors, you want to serve your guests in style. In addition to coffee/tea and pastries, you can serve snacks and snacks with a drink later in the evening. Of course you don't just serve this on a plate, but on a classic serving board. The advantage of a serving board is that it always looks stylish. Whether you use a small or a large serving board, your guests will see that you have paid attention to the decoration and will feel special because of it. An extra large serving board not only looks stylish, its size makes it efficient to store many or some larger snacks.

What is special about a Cookx extra large serving board?

With a serving board extra large from Cookx you can be absolutely sure that not only your snacks will be seen, but also the way in which you serve them. Our extra large serving board is made of 100% solid oak wood. Oak is a type of wood with an appealing color and structure. The serving board fits perfectly in a rural interior and the oak serving board is also an eye-catcher outside on your terrace. The dense oak structure ensures that your extra large serving board is very strong and will accompany you for years to come. For the XL size, you should take into account a serving board with a length of one meter.

Buy an extra large serving board at Cookx

Cookx serving boards are available from size S to XL. Is size L not big enough for you yet? Then you can buy an extra large serving board in our webshop. We guarantee the high quality of our serving boards, because they are authentically handcrafted in our own factory. Naturally, sustainability also plays an important role in our company. You can trust us in this too. With regard to electricity and wood waste, we are completely self-sufficient and we have hardly any wood waste from recycling.

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